Our Awards

Loftus has a track record of producing programmes that appeal to an intelligent and informed audience. We have won awards in Britain, Europe and America.
Our Awards

Where are you going? New York Festivals Radio Awards 2015 – Gold Award

Indie of the Year at the Radio Academy Radio Production Awards 2013

Caring Too Much Ability Media International Award 2012

A Short History of Five Notes New York International Radio Award 2011 – Bronze award

Something Understood: Hospitality Sandford St Martin Award 2010

The Holy Fire Jerusalem Radio Award 2006

In the Bin Mental Health Media Award for Factual Radio 2006

Young Carers Third Coast Award

Lance Corporal Baranowski’s Vietnam Sony Gold

It’s All Down to Ben Premios Ondas

The Unspeakable Atrocity George Foster Peabody Award