D Day: A Family Affair

"We've done our weeping" - Chuck Harris, D Day veteran
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As the Queen and Prince Philip travel to Normandy to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, presenter Paddy O’Connell meets veterans who served with his father and asks: what is remembrance?

Paddy’s father died when he was 11. When Paddy started looking for his history, he tracked down several men who had fought with his father during the war. Paddy has shared significant time with them over the last five years: at memorial services in Normandy, and at social events and dances with their families. For these men, now aged around 90, living life to the full is the best remembrance.

Friday 6th June at 11am, BBC Radio 4

Production Credits

Produced by Jo Coombs
Presented by Paddy O’Connell

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