BBC Proms

Loftus are very proud to have played an integral part in ‘The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival’.
Project Details

Throughout the BBC Proms 2012, ’13, ’14 and ’15 seasons Loftus has provided a specialist multi-platform service for BBC Radio 3. Our dedicated, highly expert team has been responsible for editing short form video and audio clips for TV and online use, producing and publishing high resolution photography to the BBC Proms website, website maintenance, social media support (Twitter and Facebook) and curation of BBC Music collections.

Working closely with BBC Radio 3 Multi-platform, the BBC Proms Team and Classical Music TV, Loftus has finely crafted hundreds of clips across the seasons, editing, processing and publishing the content to meet demand with tight deadlines (often same night turnaround).

Applying audio and video editing skills and a broad knowledge of musical forms, structure and classical metadata, the team have worked closely with Radio 3 to create short form clips, which capture the depth, complexity and beauty of the wide range of music performed across the season.

This close relationship with a number of key contributors has nurtured a deep understanding of the musical landscape explored in the Proms season and has informed the selection and editing of minute long preview clips, which are archived on the BBC Proms site in perpetuity.

Loftus are very proud to have played a part in ‘The World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival’.

Production Credits

Producers Pete Marsh, Rob Shiret, Will Drysdale, Chris Dancy, Dan King, Ken Ellwood, Jane Long
Project Manager Steve Howes
Contact Richard Berry

BBC Proms image courtesy of Premm Design

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