Desert Island Discs Archive

Our editorial teams are highly respected for their meticulous research and editing skills, resourcefulness and attention to detail.
Project Details

The Loftus team has been responsible for treating and uploading the entire Desert Island Discs archive ranging from Stuart Rose in 2009 all the way back to Margaret Lockwood in 1951 (the earliest extant recording that has so far come to light).

Over 2 years our team treated around 1800 episodes or partial episodes of the show, most of which originated within the BBC archives but some that have been saved by the British Library and some sent in by listeners.

Employing a wide range of skills including audio and sound restoration, editorial judgement (to alert the in-house editorial team to any possible concerns over taste and decency) and image research, the content was uploaded to the bespoke Desert Island Discs website.

All this was achieved using multiple BBC online tools to time and to budget making over 1800 past castaways available to the nation as streamed on demand content and downloads.

Read more by Project Manager Jon Calver on the Radio 4 blog.

Production Credits

Project Manager Jon Calver

Producers Edwina Pitman, Sophie Powling, Michael Umney, Robert Shiret, Madeleine Brolly, Scott Cawley, Sam Cotton

Offline Editors Alick Hale-Monro, Kate Lamble, Alison McKenzie, Hannah Marshall, Kim Normanton, Brian Thompson

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