Radio 4 on Music Podcast

Curating, producing and promoting a brand new podcast for Radio 4 which enables audiences to discover and revisit memorable moments in music broadcasting history.
Project Details

BBC Radio 4 commissioned Loftus to curate, produce and release a brand new music podcast.  Radio 4 on Music offers audiences the chance to revisit the best of the network’s music programmes from the archives and showcases the wealth of Radio 4’s music related output.

Known and respected for our meticulous research and production skills as well as in-depth music knowledge, we had the pleasure of mining the Radio 4 archives to bring together classic interviews, hidden histories and fresh perspectives on an eclectic range of musical subjects and genre-defining artists.

Loftus produced the podcasts at our studios, working with presenter John Wilson (Mastertapes, Front Row) who added context to each weekly offering with an up-to-date intro. The common thread running through each podcast is Radio 4’s unique ability to tell compelling stories that engage and entertain – whether it’s Bob Dylan’s religious beliefs, the history of Township Jive or the story of the invention of the theremin.

This new podcast strand had no associated on-air programme to support it, so our work across social media ensured the series was brought into the wider conversation about music and was praised by tastemakers. The podcast achieved more than 0.5 million downloads in its first year and producer Pete Marsh was shortlisted for Podcast Producer of the Year at the Radio Production Awards.

Over the years Radio 4 has broadcast an extraordinary range of inspiring music programmes, and I’m delighted that this new music podcast will give listeners the chance to discover and revisit these often memorable moments in music broadcasting history.” Gwyneth Williams, Controller, BBC Radio 4.

Download the Radio 4 on Music podcasts

Radio 4 launches new music podcast – Press Release 

Radio 4 on Music on the BBC


Production Credits

Producer Pete Marsh
Presenter John Wilson
Exec Producer Maria Williams

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