Disabled and Broody: My Impossible Choice

“If my parents had made the same choice I did, I would not be here.”
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Award-winning presenter Julie Fernandez draws on personal experience to explore an agonising decision: whether to have children, if it means passing on disabilities?

Julie’s children would have a 50/50 chance of inheriting her brittle bone disease and she and her husband decided not to take the risk. It was a painful choice – at odds with Julie’s strongly-felt beliefs about disability equality.

In this programme she talks with disarming honesty to others faced with a similar choice, including one couple who have chosen to have children who inherited their condition, and another embarking on a complex form of reproductive medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. Julie asks the big questions about a philosophically challenging issue which divides disabled people in this country; and reveals our attitudes to disability generally.

Tuesday 20th May at 4pm, BBC Radio 4.

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