Friends With My Ex

"If I was going to be true to myself, I knew I had to get through this without the courts and a nuclear war.”
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Some couples manage to separate and not hate each other. They choose to carry on seeing each other, going on holiday and spending Christmas together. How and why do they do it?

Nicola and Barry separated after 12 years: “There were lots of tears, but from that day everything got better.” This month Nicola is re-marrying; Barry is going to the wedding, and staying in the same hotel as the honeymoon couple. When Brigitte fell in love with a much younger man, Adam decided to let her go without a fight. They now see each other several times a week for chats and evenings out: “I love him like a brother, a best friend, but I never want to sleep with him again.” Mark and John built a house, got a dog and celebrated their civil partnership – but then Mark met someone else. But John was quite happy to carry on living together: “It was bizarre. You’re not supposed to be friends with your ex.”

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