Going Home

"I know where I’m from in terms of where I was born, but my whole heritage is unknown to me. It's time I find out."
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Three British-born teenagers travel to their parents’ countries and ask, where is home?

Darian was born in London – when his Nigerian Dad died ten years ago, he lost all his ties to Africa. Now he’s going there for the first time. Natalie’s grandad came to Britain long before she was born, but she wants to go to Dominica to find her roots. And Brendan has been planning a trip to his mum’s home town in Zimbabwe for years, now it’s finally safe enough to go.

Zimbabwe, Dominica, Nigeria – Darian, Natalie and Brendan are British, but these strange, utterly foreign places have always been “home” for their families. Does reality meet their expectations? And will the journey change them?

4th February 2013, BBC Radio 1.

Production Credits

Produced by Hannah Marshall
Presented by Gemma Cairney
Executive producer Maria Williams

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