Barber banter and salon secrets from around the nation
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From fine fades and close crops in London, to curly blows in Liverpool, four hairdressing supremos take over the airwaves on BBC Radio 1.

In North London Damon is trimming the beards and fixing the fades. A stone’s throw from the Arsenal Stadium his barbers has a regular clientele who drop in not just for cuts but to join in the chat and catch up on news of the old crew. For many, D & L Barbers is like a second home.

Meanwhile, in Liverpool the girls are getting ready for the big Saturday night out. For them it’s all about curly blows. Some are dropping more than £1000 on Russian hair extensions, but it’s well worth it in a city that’s all about good times and glamour.

In Streatham, the ladies being pampered at Justified Hair and Beauty really care about looking good, whether it’s with dye or relaxer, a weave or a natural look. But when they leave the shop, many of them will cover it all up with a hijab.

And in her front room in Great Yarmouth, locktician Laura is sorting out her customers’ dreads. For them, dreadlocks aren’t just a hairstyle, they’re a way of life.

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Producers Kim Normanton and Hannah Marshall
Executive Producer Jo Coombs

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