I Don’t Know What to Say

When the Radio 4 presenter Nick Clarke died his wife discovered an uncomfortable truth: many people find it impossible to talk to someone who is bereaved.
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Would you know what to say to someone who’d lost their loved one? A personal exploration of this sensitive taboo.

When the broadcaster Nick Clarke died, his widow Barbara Want discovered that most people don’t. Neighbours crossed the road rather than talk to her, parents at her children’s school averted their eyes, and many friends wouldn’t talk about what had happened.

In this programme Barbara tries to find out why people are so afraid to talk about death and loss.

This programme is permanently available for streaming on the BBC Radio 4 website.

12th May 2008, BBC Radio 4.

For bereavement support, contact: 

Production Credits

Produced by Jo Coombs
Presented by Barbara Want
Executive producer Matt Thompson

‘I Don’t Know What to Say’ on the BBC

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