Where Are You Going?

An interrupted journey is like a portal into somebody else’s life…

Catherine Carr interrupts strangers on everyday journeys, asking them one simple question: ‘Where Are You Going?’ This radio series travels the globe: from the frenetic streets of New York, to the frozen lakes of Iceland; from a refugee camp in Calais to Tijuana on the Mexican border. Working with photographers around the world we create visual assets to promote the programmes online.

Presenter: Catherine Carr | Series Photographer: Paul Jay | Producers: Jo Coombs, Anne-Marie Cole | Executive Producer: Maria Williams

Produced for the BBC World Service


New York Festivals Gold Award winner

Where are you Going? The US-Mexico border

Where are you Going? Hong Kong

Where are you Going? Reykjavik

"This was an hour of pure radio, with so many vivid snapshots, such compelling stories"

The Spectator