Eddie Goes Country

"If people tell you they don't have a country song they relate to, then they're already dead." Eddie Mair
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PM presenter Eddie Mair has a secret. But no more: it’s a lifelong love of Country Music.

To the casual listener, Country music is often regarded as a twang of twee tunes and lachrymose lyrics for the permanently melancholic. Eddie Mair disagrees: Country is ‘a complex state of mind’. He considers the accessible merits of the music, and asks what exactly are its roots? Returning to Scotland, Eddie attends The Celtic Connections Music Festival. Here he compares notes with fellow broadcaster and Country aficionado, Ricky Ross. And for the first time, Eddie will reveal where his musical devotion took root. It began on the Sabbath in a yellow Triumph PI. That almost sounds like the beginning of a Country song…

24th November 2012, BBC Radio 4

Production Credits

Produced by Stewart Henderson
Presented by Eddie Mair
Executive producer Jo Coombs

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