African Students Abroad

Last year there were 35,000 African students studying at British universities - we follow four of them
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Bola Mosuro charts the progress of four students from Africa who have come to study in Britain. What do they want to take back with them from the British way of life? And what we could learn from Africa?

Mayowa is nineteen and from Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos. She’s studying in Edinburgh – student life is cheap compared with the more affluent circles she’s used to at home. Bob is studying for a Masters in Architecture and Environmental Design at Cambridge. “People walking on the pavements rather than the road and crossing at particular crossing points. In Nairobi it’s more chaotic.” Mauricia is studying Engineering for Sustainable Development at Cambridge supported by a Cambridge Trust Scholarship. And James is studying Sustainable Energy Systems at Edinburgh. “I’m not used to having power for 24 hours. Here I iron things at any time I want to.”

Through their moving, insightful and humorous observations we explore what Britain is like through African eyes.

13th March 2015 at 11am, BBC Radio 4.

Production Credits

Producer Kim Normanton
Presenter Bola Mosuro
Executive Producer Jo Coombs

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