Where Are You Going?

One question yields countless surprises about the lives of strangers
Programme Details

Perfect strangers – in different cities around the world – are asked to pause on their way from A to B and answer the question: “Where Are You Going?”. From poignant to profound, happy to heart-breaking, the patchwork of peoples’ responses creates a memorable kind of radio poetry: full of touching humanity and some truly unexpected moments. The montage of answers is then set to a beautifully crafted soundscape of each particular place.

From the crack addict who catches pigeons for a living in Battery Park New York, to the woman married to her cat; from the man who lost his precious son in a freak elevator accident in Amsterdam, to the agoraphobic whose penfriends ‘saved her life’. From the man fighting AIDS in Kolkata and facing death with faith to the young girl from the jungle, training in the Indian dusk and dreaming of the Olympics… In Where Are You Going? every interrupted journey becomes a portal into the life of another; and there are surprises in every answer.

Where Are You Going? has won two Gold Award at the New York Festivals Radio Awards, one in 2015 and one in 2016. It was also nominated in the Audio Moment category at the ARIAS 2016.

Production Credits

Presenter Catherine Carr
Producer Jo Coombs
Executive Producer Maria Williams
Photographer Paul Jay

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