Who Wants to be a Nurse?

'Nurses are being given more and more responsibility, so we have to grow with that' - Student Nurse Charlee
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Professional nursing bodies have long debated how best to train our nurses so that they have the mix of skills they need to serve patients well. Jenny Clayton follows a variety of nurses in training, to explore the purpose and future of nursing in the modern NHS.

Since 2013, everyone who wants to become a nurse in the UK must undertake a nursing degree. They spend half their time on placement, working alongside trained nurses and dealing with patients, and the other half at lectures and tutorials – plus there are essays to write and assignments to complete.

In the first programme, Jenny meets four students from the University of Essex, and eavesdrops on their training – on the ward, at university, at home and in the community. The second episode focuses on nurses at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, who have carried on their training since they first qualified.

17th and 24th July at 11am, BBC Radio 4.

Production Credits

Presenter Jenny Clayton
Producer Hannah Marshall
Executive Producer Louise Cotton

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