Loud Wars

WARNING: The documentary you are about to hear could be devastating to your ears...
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Loud music can sound incredible.  Extreme volume moves the air pressure around you and this can have a dramatic physical and emotional effect on your body and mind. In the right environment, it can sound truly life affirming.

But did you ever stop to ask, ‘why is music so loud?’

Join Zane Lowe as he tells the story of the Loudness War, a phenomenon which changed the sound of music forever. Zane discovers how to fine tune a dance sound system at Ministry Of Sound, goes to Download Festival to learn about the new wave of sound engineers inspired by physics and even visits one of the quietest rooms in the world. So quiet it can send you a little bit mad!

17th June 2013, BBC Radio 1.

Production Credits

Produced by Will Drysdale
Presented by Zane Lowe
Executive producer Maria Williams

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