My Lover, My Carer

What happens to long-term relationships when a lover becomes a carer?
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Julie Fernandez talks to couples where one partner has a severe disability about the challenges of being the carer – and the cared-for.

Natalie Burr was a world-class trampolinist, training for the Olympics. In a split second her life was turned upside-down: she misjudged a triple summersault and crashed onto the mat. She lay there, unable to feel her legs, knowing she had broken her neck. Handed her phone, she rang her husband Shane and asked “Will you leave me?”

Many couples don’t survive sudden disability – the pressures are just too great. But Shane didn’t leave, and he is still together with Natalie and they have gone on to have a baby. How have they made it work? How do they negotiate the sudden shift of roles?

Four couples whose lives have been transformed by disability, talk frankly and movingly about all the daily stuff – from making tea and mowing the grass to cuddles in a wheelchair and what to do about sex.

5th February 2013, BBC Radio 4.

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