Upcoming programmes

Here are some of the programmes we have in the pipeline at the moment... stay tuned for more details
Where Are You Going
The second series of this award-winning programme
John's Songs
Music Hall singing sensation John Foreman is clearing out his house
A Guide to the Modern Snob
DJ Taylor examines snobbery today, using archive from the Mitfords to Kilroy'
Bridgitte Tetteh asks taboo questions about descriptions of the black female physique
Everybody Hates Me
What's it like to have a job that guarantees you'll be despised?
The Inevitable
The Inevitable, they say, is something that we all must face...
Adrian Mitchell: To Whom It May Concern
Michael Rosen visits poet Adrian Mitchell’s house
The Vigil
A fascinating insight into a rarely discussed experience: sitting with a dying parent
Too Many Helping Hands
Challenging the status quo on the 'inclusion' of disabled people in education
Travels With Bob
Paddy O'Connell travels with his dog Bob
The Visa Affair
A drama based on a short story by Joe Orton
Black in Britain
What was life like for black people in Britain in the 18th century?