Upcoming programmes

Here are some of the programmes we have in the pipeline at the moment... stay tuned for more details
Shop Girl
Mary Portas' autobiography is Radio 4's Book of the Week.
Listen in to barber banter and salon secrets and from around the nation.
African Students Abroad
We reverse the cliché of the year in African and see the UK through Ghanaian students' eyes.
A Story I Am In
A 90th birthday tribute to James Berry OBE – poet and cultural pioneer.
Drags to Riches
We follow three drag acts who are part of a booming industry.
Hanging Around
The first new musical instrument this century: the Hang looks like a wok crossed with a flying saucer.
Who Wants to be A Nurse?
Nurses have been getting a bad press, so what attracts young people to nursing today?
360 Arts
A 360 degree look at the process of placing art in a public space.
Black in Britain
What was life like for black people in Britain in the 18th century?