More upcoming programmes

Here are some of the programmes we have in the pipeline at the moment... stay tuned for more details
The Gangland Peacemakers
We explore the secret world of the gangland mediators.
Singing for Britten
John Bridcut explores Britten’s creative relationship with amateur singers.
Greg James goes on a mission to remove an embarrassing photo of himself from the internet.
Community Through Thick and Thin
Giles Fraser's job in Elephant and Castle has set him thinking about the nature of community.
The Playlist Series 3
The third series of the programme which hunts out the favourite songs of famous historic figures.
My Brilliant Divorce
Couples share the secret of a successful divorce, describing their rift and reconciliation.
Our Dreams Our Selves
Lucy Powell discovers how our interpretation of dreams has changed from ancient cultures.
The Slow Coach
Two programmes in which we eavesdrop on three speedy people trying to slow down their lives.
The British at Table
Sheila Dillon explores the history of the British relationship with food, since the 16th century.
Voices from the Old Bailey series 3
Amanda Vickery presents a third series bringing the 18th century to life through court records.
Where Are You Going?
Have you ever watched someone in an airport and wanted to ask, "Where Are You Going?"
Disabled and Broody
Julie Fernandez on an agonising decision: whether to have children, if it means passing on disabilities.
African Gap Years
We reverse the cliché of the year in African and see the UK through Ghanaian students' eyes.
The Value of Failure
Five people talk about the role failure played in their life and say we should prize, not fear it.
360 Arts
A 360 degree look at the process of placing art in a public space.
Imagining the Audience
Who were early broadcasters talking to? A look at the relationship between the BBC and its audience.
Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo
Allan Little returns to Sarajevo, 20 years after Susan Sontag directed Godot there.
The Birth of Love
Laura Ashe explores the peculiar 12th century origins of Valentines Day.
The Mother of the Sea
The unlikely connection between English Botanist Dr Kathleen Drew Baker and Sushi..
Shopping with Mother
Mothers and daughters shopping together – feminine togetherness but also a real battleground...