The Keys to the Street

In Ruth Rendell's classic thriller, a woman donates her bone marrow to save of the life of a man. But goodness does not always bring its just reward...
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For the snobbish upper-crust that live around London’s Regent’s Park, the homeless are an eye-sore and a nuisance. Only Mary Jago, a meek young woman who has recently moved into the neighborhood to house-sit shows compassion. When someone starts murdering members of Regent’s homeless community, only Mary seems to notice or care. Through her quest to discover the murderer, she embarks on a journey to overcome what she perceives to be her own insecurities and passivity, putting her life in danger both from the middle class world she knows and the world of the dispossessed that she does not.

The book’s plotting is a master class, its suspense breathless, its denoument shattering.

15th-19th October 2012, BBC Radio 4Extra

Production Credits

Read by Claudie Blakely
Abridged and produced by Hilary Dunn
Executive producer Olivia Seligman

‘The Keys to the Street’ on the BBC


At Loftus we are a book-loving bunch and we enjoy making readings for the BBC and publishers including Bloomsbury and Penguin. We have a track record for producing high-calibre and well-received programmes for the Book of the Week slot on Radio 4, and in the last few years we’ve enjoyed adapting a wide variety of books for Radio 4 Extra. From the menace of Jake Arnott’s ‘The Long Firm’ (with parts read by the author himself) to the post-apocalyptic world of Philip K Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ , we have strong relationships with authors, publishers and actors.

“Author Gillian Darley and everyone at Profile Books were really impressed by the Loftus production of Vesuvius for R4 Book of the Week. The abridgement was extremely elegant and the episode selection very clever. We couldn’t have wished for a better radio adaptation”
– Valentina Zanca, Profile Books.

Emma Fielding read Gillian Darley's 'Vesuvius' for Book of the Week

Emma Fielding read Gillian Darley’s ‘Vesuvius’ for Book of the Week

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