The Slow Coach

Can we be happier, healthier and more productive if we connect with our 'inner tortoise'?
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Liz Barclay follows three busy people on a bold experiment to slow down their pace of life. Their ‘slow coach’ is Carl Honoré, once a speedy journalist, now spokesperson for a global ‘Slow Movement’. He argues that our increasing obsession with speed means we race through life instead of actually living it – by finding a better balance between fast and slow,  we’ll increase our wellbeing, creativity and productivity. It’s a compelling theory, but does it work?

Three volunteers have agreed to put Carl’s theories to the test by following his advice over the course of one month – working mum Lizzie, business owner Steve and volunteer Scott. We follow their successes and struggles.

12th and 19th August 2013 at 11am, BBC Radio 4


Production Credits

Produced by Tessa Watt
Presented by Liz Barclay
Executive producer Jo Coombs

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