Black Music in Europe

This BBC Radio 4 series presented by Clarke Peters reveals a surprising history of black music in Europe 

Drawing on a huge vault of rare archive music, Clarke Peters explores a forgotten history of black music in Europe, from the birth of recorded sound to the height of the jazz age.

In the series, covering 1900 to the 1950’s, Clarke discovers how the music of African prisoners of war was laid down across Germany and the lasting influence of the black military bands who took France by storm. He hears freedom songs smuggled onto shellac, explores the rise of the world’s first black superstar, Josephine Baker, uncovers Nazi propaganda jazz and tells of how black American GIs found a new freedom in postwar Germany.

Presenter: Clarke Peters | Reader: Paterson Joseph | Producer: Tom Woolfenden | Adviser: Jacqueline Springer |Executive Producer: Maria Williams

"Hats off to @LoftusMedia for this eye opener. Lifting the lid on some truly extraordinary recordings and delivering some fascinating facts".

Verity Sharpe, Radio 3 presenter via Twitter

"My personal interest was to have a better understanding of the role of people of colour in European music."

Clarke Peters, Radio Times