Book Of The Week


Curating the latest non-fiction titles for BBC Radio 4’s prestigious Book of the Week

We’ve been producing readings for the BBC and leading publishers for over 20 years. Book of the Week is at the heart of that: we’re passionate about non-fiction.

We’ve produced titles by authors such as Chris Packham, Masih Alinejad, Mary Portas, Gary Younge, Fergal Keane and Bella Bathurst and work with both authors and actors in our own studio to achieve readings of the highest quality.

We seek outstanding voice talents to present the stories, working with actors such as Nathalie Armin, Stephen Mangan, Deborah Findlay and Adjoa Andoh.

Production Team: Anna Magnusson, Elizabeth Burke, Pippa Vaughan, Jane Greenwood, Jo Rowntree & Alexandra Quinn

'Fingers In the Sparkle Jar'

Listen to an extract of Chris Packham reading 'Fingers In the Sparkle Jar'

'Born Lippy'

Jo Brand recording her Book of the Week title 'Born Lippy' at Loftus

'Shop Girl'

Mary Portas reading 'Shop Girl' for Radio 4's Book of the Week

'The Pianist of Yarmouk'

Ammar Haj Ahmed at our studios for the recording of 'The Pianist of Yarmouk' by Aeham Ahmad