The Secrets In Us

Audible Original

What happens when your family tells you one thing, but a DNA test tells you another? 

Journalist Georgina Lawton grew up in a loving family but she didn’t look like anyone else. She has dark eyes, curly hair and brown skin. Both her parents were white. Georgina took a DNA test. The results changed her life forever. With millions around the world using ‘do-it-yourself’ DNA testing kits, Georgina follows the stories of those learning to live with the results and pieces together expert knowledge from geneticists and scientists.

Audible commissioned us to tell Georgina’s story of identity and loss in a brand new five-part series. 

Producer: Tamsin Hughes | Presenter: Georgina Lawton | Assistant Producer: Alexandra Quinn | Executive Producer: Jo Rowntree


Bronze Winner British Podcast Awards Best Documentary Podcast

''I was gripped from start to end. What a brave and brilliant piece of work. Was so honest and heartfelt - I could feel the pain at times. ''

Listener review on Audible

GOLD New York Festivals Radio Awards 2021

Narrative/Documentary Podcast

Are DNA tests ethical? | The Secrets in Us Podcast on Audible