A Thorough Examination…

Our #1 podcast series with Drs Chris & Xand van Tulleken”

Chris and Xand are doctors, scientists, identical twins and now podcast hosts. In A Thorough Examination, series one, the twins explore the effect of Ultra Processed Food (or UPF) and in series two they ask what change is and how it happens.

Series one, Addicted to Food: Chris wants Xand to quit UPF and lose the 20kg weight difference between them. He sends his brother on a journey to meet leading experts on food, weight, taste and addiction whilst encouraging a final UPF binge to see if Xand can learn to hate it. It turns out to be far stranger and more emotional than either of them could imagine…

Series two, Can I Change?: Chris thinks he and Xand argue too much and is determined to improve his relationship with his brother but Xand is less convinced this is possible or that he needs to change. Chris confronts that pessimism. The twins consult with professors of cognitive neuroscience, geneticists, psychologists as well as their own family.

A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand is now available on BBC Sounds.

Producers: Hester Cant, Alexandra Quinn | Executive Producer: Philly Beaumont | Series Editor: Jo Rowntree | Sound Design: Dan King | Presenters: Chris & Xand van Tulleken



New York Festivals Awards Winner

"As an exploration of the psychology of eating and sibling relations, this is fascinating."

Patricia Nicol, The Sunday Times

"Top 25 podcasts of 2021"

The Times

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