Made in the Midlands

A podcast in celebration of the Midlands 

Made in the Midlands is a podcast which investigates the cultural foundations of the UK’s most populous region. More than 10 million people call middle England their home yet it’s a part of Britain which often seems little understood by our fellow Brits. Northerners are sure we’re southerners. Southerners are equally sure we’re northerners.

Made in the Midlands is a chance to set the record straight and to increase awareness of the talent the region has produced. In each episode Brummie Adrian Goldberg asks his guests what part the region played in their success. Who are the important people, where are the important places that helped them on their way? And how can the Midlands get greater recognition for its achievements?

Guests include: Jack Reacher author Lee Child, film director Ken Loach, musician Pauline Black OBE, film director Debbie Isitt, actor Nitin Ganatra OBE, musician Tom Clarke, Coventry FC legend Steve Ogrizovic, Jess Phillips MP, Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds and writer and poet Henry Normal. Five of these interviews were recorded live in front of audiences in Coventry and Nottingham.

Host: Adrian Goldberg | Producer: Andrew Smith | Executive Producer: Richard Berry | Researchers: Mollie Davidson, Alexandra Quinn, Maia Miller-Lewis | Music: Maia Miller-Lewis | Image of Pauline Black: © Dean Chalkley | Sponsors: Coventry UK City of Culture, Newark Book Festival

Made in the Midlands audiograms

“Aye Up… it says I know you, you know me, we’ll be here tomorrow, let’s not make a fuss about it.”

Henry Normal appearing on Made in the Midlands (recorded at Newark Book Festival 2023)