Is something out there in the Himalayas? 

Tales of a bipedal ape-like creature persist in the myth and legend of the Himalayas. But does the yeti really exist? Two enthusiasts are determined to find out in this podcast for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds.

Andrew Benfield and Richard Horsey travel through India, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan in search of stories of yeti sightings and encounters. Over 10 episodes they hear from villagers, yak herders, sherpas and mountaineers, who give surprisingly consistent descriptions of a mysterious, large, hairy creature.

This series takes us on a journey deep into Himalayan culture as the presenters grapple with their own inner demons to try to make sense of the yeti myth.

Producer: Joanna Jolly | Assistant Producer: Maia Miller-Lewis | Executive Producer: Kirsten Lass | Sound Design: Dan King & Peregrine Andrews | Original music: Marisa Cornford | Cover Art: Kingsley Nebechi | Presenters: Andrew Benfield and Richard Horsey 



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