Where Are You Going?

An interrupted journey is like a portal into somebody else’s life…

Catherine Carr interrupts strangers on everyday journeys, asking them one simple question: ‘Where Are You Going?’ This radio series travels the globe: from the frenetic streets of New York, to the frozen lakes of Iceland; from a refugee camp in Calais to Tijuana on the Mexican border. Working with photographers around the world we create visual assets to promote the programmes online.

Presenter: Catherine Carr | Producers: Jo Rowntree, Anne-Marie Cole | Executive Producer: Maria Williams

Produced for the BBC World Service


New York Festivals Gold Award winner

Where are you Going? The US-Mexico border

Where are you Going? Hong Kong

Where are you Going? Reykjavik

Where are you Going? Tokyo

"This was an hour of pure radio, with so many vivid snapshots, such compelling stories"

The Spectator

"It made me stop everything I was doing... I'm listening to it again now. Thanks for your amazing work."

NPR listener in Berkeley