Barbican Sound Unbound

A new podcast format for the Barbican to help increase audience engagement with classical music

The Barbican came to Loftus to help devise, produce and launch a brand new series with the aim of increasing audience engagement with their classical music programming and content. The result was ‘Sound Unbound’ which became the music collection within the Barbican’s ‘Nothing Concrete’ podcast.

In each episode host Josie Long meets creative minds, from the legend of minimalism that is Steve Reich to comedienne Jayde Adams, in order to discover more about the classical music that they can’t live without. Conductor Ben Gernon is also on hand to enlighten listeners on the history and technicalities of the music featured.

Producer: Freya Hellier | Presenter: Josie Long | Guests: Steve Reich, Karine Polwart, Ken Loach, Jayde Adams, James R Gaines, Cassa Pancho | Music Expert: Ben Gernon | Assistant Producer: Alexandra Quinn | Executive Producer: Jo Rowntree

"I heard the recording and my jaw dropped. And I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was like someone had said, well you've lived for 14 years here, but there's one room you haven't seen yet."

Steve Reich in 'Sound Unbound', on hearing Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring at age 14.