Equal Britain?

How Equal is Britain? A 30 part series for talkRADIO, supported by the Audio Content Fund

Ten years after the Equality Act became law in the UK, a team of Loftus producers explored whether we’ve become a more equal or more divded society. Combining simple format with strong personal stories, we crafted thirty features and in-depth interviews to form part of talkRADIO’s Equal Britian Week.

We hear about trans actor Ash Palmisciano’s journey and why sex and class are still holding us back today according to Cherie Blair. Sara Canning also talks about the loss of her parnter Lyra McKee, which became a force for long overdue change.

There are accounts of racism from Ami, disability from Nick who became disabled after suffering a stroke and found comfort in people’s kindness and poverty from Lynne, who is helping families on Meryside. Ten years since the Equality Act became law, this series explores how so much progress has been made but there is still a long way to go.

 Producers: Philly Beaumont, Bridgette Tetteh, John Fosyth, Kim Normanton, Bob Walker, Layla Wright, Mustafa Aziz, Gareth Axenderrie and Jerry Ibbotson | Assistant Producers: Alexandra Quinn, Rhys Gunter and Bridget Norman | Executive Producer: Louise Cotton