Walks Like A Duck

Louise Halling’s unflinching and sometimes funny audio diary series for BBC Radio 4

A few years ago, Louise’s hospital consultant asked a medical student to describe her condition. “Well,” he said, “she walks like a duck.” After a stunned pause, Louise and her husband howled with laughter. While she doubts the hapless student received the same reaction from the horrified neurologist, his clumsy response provided the perfect title for this documentary series.

This three part audio diary, featuring recordings made by Louise over  a year, gives listeners a window into her life with Muscular Dystrophy. We hear the physical and emotional pain during daily challenges, as well as heart warming moments with her young son and brutally honest discussions with her husband.

Producer: Catherine Carr | Presenter: Louise Halling | Digital Producer: David Hooper | Executive Producer: Jo Rowntree | Photography: © Muscular Dystrophy UK/Chris O’Donovan


Hearsay Award Winner

''A revelatory take on disability''

Radio Times

''Grittily Humourous''

The Guardian